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Alliance Sales is your global partner, whoever you may be, however small or large you are.

In the orient, we produce and market our fluid inventory of baskets and home decor products. Once our U.S. team clarifies the specifications of our newest products, we show off the prototypes in 10,000 square feet of space in Hong Kong. Our staff, which includes our operations experts, works with the retailers who visit us here to design personalized store programs. If a buyer needs endcap features or customized planograms, for example, we can help provide them. If a retailer needs guidance on what to buy for his local shop or chain of 400, we offer thoughtful advice. Each of our clients has unique desires, and we are set up to meet every one of them. We recognize each customer's size and remove the fear of working with a replenishable program from the Orient. The processes that we have put in place allow our operations in China to be very dependable on everyday product needs throughout your supply chain. The quality is consistent in look, quality and delivery.

From Hong Kong, we manage the day-to-day operations and processing of all orders, and boast a 99 percent on-time ship and fill rate. As a CT-PAT approved business, we are certified by American standards and controls.

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