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Anybody can put up a sign and open for business. Not everybody can do it in a meaningful way.

The story behind Alliance is a personal one. And we think that's the best kind. Back in 1989, two corporate guys thought it was time to make it home for dinner. See their kids play baseball. Trade in their frequent flyer miles for front row seats at the school musical. So, they started their own company.

Greg Joseph and Brad Gresham harnessed their years of experience and crafted a new kind of landscape, one that would improve their lifestyles and, at the same time, stand for something different. The backbone of the company is based on Christian values, as they are Christ centered. This was a business that would be founded on passion and integrity. And what first affected them personally has come to infuse the lives of the people with whom they work, in the U.S. and abroad, lending purpose and value at every turn.

Today, Alliance has evolved from strictly a sales and service organization to encompass a direct import and manufacturing company. Our import and manufacturing operation specializes in natural woven baskets and home décor products. We gather, design and craft the finest handmade pieces, from sources around the globe. Because we truly know and respect our customers, we help them determine what they need on their shelves, then figure our how to create it for them, at the lowest cost and most expert quality. We are as proud of our relationships as we are of our merchandise. After all, anyone can sell pretty baskets. For us, it's about dedication and promise. How much more personal can you get?

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