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After a flight from Hong Kong, then six hours of driving on a dirt road, you arrive at our factory in mainland China. Weavers and artisans, brought from all over the country, work for us in our custom design shop, a place called Bobai in the Southern county of Guangxi.

We visit many times each year, developing exclusive weaves and finishes with our artisans, working with them to craft the finest handmade pieces possible. Using all natural materials, they create extraordinary patterns and designs of the highest quality. All products are evaluated by Alliance control experts to ensure that standards are the best that they can be. In this factory all the designs created are kept exclusive until being released to our customers, assuring customer individuality. We have over 70,000 square feet of packaging and manufacturing space, while maintaining the service of over 1000 weavers.

Even though we have our factory where we manufacture our exclusive designs, we are also currently networked and aligned with sister factories in the North, East, and West regions of China. This edge continues to ensure our competitive prices, while still protecting our designs. This allows us a very large production capacity. For Alliance, this truly is the most exciting part of our large family. We truly appreciate our Chinese family,and invest in them, with health insurance, appropriate pay and an improved quality of life. The impact of the companies' value are so greatly appreciated, it makes all the sacrifices for being in China worth it.

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