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  Many times each year, the villagers in mainland China wait for us to come. The plane sets down on an airstrip, and then we drive. For hours, we bounce over dirt roads flanked with lush greenery, until we arrive, spent, but passionate. The artisans who work in our factory here tell us that we're the only ones who visit, the only ones who train them, who guide them, who help them be their best. And this devotion-to people and to our craft-is why we are leaders in our industry. It is difficult to duplicate what we do.

Alliance Sales is a 15 year old importer and manufacturer of natural woven baskets and home décor products. We gather and produce the finest handmade pieces, from sources around the globe, and bring them home to the states where retailers enjoy low cost and expert quality. We are driven by a relentless commitment to fairness, integrity, and accountability, whether it means providing health insurance to our Chinese employees, custom designing exclusive lines for our loyal clients or offering exceptional value to shoppers. We, at Alliance, know how to make our relationships special.

With offices in Texas, China, and Hong Kong, where we own 10,000 square feet of showroom space-and with new markets extending to Vietnam and Indonesia-we understand how critical it is to inspire trust, deliver what we promise and set trends. Working with Alliance is more than simply ordering products. It is an experience of creativity and dedication, down a store aisle or a dirt road.
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